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1588 Genius Control Center


Brower Incubator & Brooder Parts


Brooder Heater Unit for CQB20 only  Replaces 5038S bar heater. Order 2 7.5 watt bulbs for the heater.




Brower Wafer (has removable screw on nut; see diagram bottom right)



GQF Thermostat Switch Complete (3007 wafer, 8006b switch, adjusting rod & bracket)          



12 ½” Heat Element Brower for old metal incubator 



17” Heat Element Brower metal incubator



22” long, 160 watt 115 volt Nichrome heating Element which wraps around porcelain insulators in the older “Mother Hen” all metal brooder


The top diagram shows the 3007 wafer. The threads are on the inside of the extension on the wafer. The bottom diagram shows the 3085 wafer. The threads are on the outside of the extension on the wafer and a removable nut screws onto the extension. Each wafer has its own bracket & a 3007 wafer will not work with a Brower bracket & a 3085 wafer will not work with a GQF bracket. If you are not certain which bracket you have, purchase the 3122 wafer, switch, adjusting rod, & bracket.