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Game Birds, Peafowl, Pigeon, & Wild Waterfowl Books

There is limited stock on some of the title. These titles are marked ***

10,001 Titillating Tidbits of Avian Trivia by Frank S. Todd 660 pp, pb.  To pass the time during 25 seasons spent in polar regions, Todd       scoured bird books and collected facts from fellow bird people.  Index of topics.  Fun book for the person who thinks he knows a lot about birds.  Questions appear in one section of the book and the answers appear at the end of the book.***


Handbook of Waterfowl Identification by Frank S. Todd 104 pp, pb, color drawings & b/w illus. Contents:  description of wild species, distribution maps, weights, clutch size, incubation, fledging period.  Good identification book.


Introduction to Quail in Captivity by G.E.S. Robbins 16 pp, pb, c & b/w photos & illus. Info on keeping & breeding 12 species.


Keeping Quail 4th edition by Katie Thear 95 pp, pb b/w photos & illus.  Contents:  breeds, housing, feeding, management, breeding, rearing, practical tips.


Modern Partridge Farming by Chris Hodgson  90 pp, pb, c & b/w photos & illus.  Covers housing, breeding, incubation, hatching,      rearing, partridge diseases. Info. on Hungarians & French Red-Leg partridges.***


Modern Pheasant Rearing by Len Chappell 85 pp, pb, c & b/w photos & illus.  Covers pen construction, breeding, incubation,        hatching, rearing, & diseases. Deals with Ringnecks or True Pheasants.***


Peafowl Breeding and Management by Stromberg 88 pp, pc, c & b/w photos & illus.  Has general inf. on keeping & breeding peafowl.