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Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply

Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Oxine (AH) kills Salmonella, E. Coli, Avian Influenza, Newcastle, Aspergillus, & other pathogens. Oxine (AH) can be sprayed on eggs, in incubators & hatchers, on birds, misted in areas where poultry & waterfowl are brooded or housed, added to the drinking water, or used to disinfect hog, dairy, & poultry houses and hatcheries. It is an effective treatment for upper respiratory & fungal infections which kill poultry & waterfowl. Mix 1 tsp. per 5 gallons of drinking water. To disinfect equipment or buildings use 6.5 oz. per gallon of water. EPA approved.    To learn more about Oxine’s use for treating upper respiratory and fungal infections go to

www://shagbarkbantams.com which is maintained by KJ Therodore.

1 gal./$40.00

1 qt. /$17.00




Tek-Trol Spray - 15 oz. aerosol can        

This product cannot be shipped through the post office.


Tek-Trol Concentrate - Mix 1/2 oz. with 1 gal. of water to sanitize eggs, equipment, brooders, etc. Federally accepted toxicity testing indicates that Tek-Trol, when used at the recommended dilutions, is no threat to the health of people or birds. Gas chromatography studies and dye penetration testing indicated that it does not penetrate the shell membrane.


1 qt./ $23.00



Live Traps

Havahart traps are limited to those in stock!!

Give us a call and we can deliver these traps to shows & other events where we are set up selling supplies.


Miller Sure Catch Trap - Galvanized trap has a hinged lid for easy disposal of trapped mice. No need to wind, bait or set.  Size:  10½” l  x 6½” w x 2¾” h. (ship wt. 3 lbs)



Mice, Shew & Vole Trap  Havahart 10” x 3” x 3” galvanized trap has gravity-action doors at both ends. (ships  wt. 2 lbs.)      



Rabbit, Mink, & Squirrel Trap - Havahart galvanized wire live trap has spring loaded doors at both ends.  Like 1030 in appearance. Size 24 x 7 x 7.  Box size:  8 x 9 x 33.  Ships 14 lbs dimensional weight.



Medium Raccoon Trap Size:  32” x 10” x 12”.   Havahart trap has 1 spring-loaded door, 1 top double-handle, & 1 rear handle. Like trap 1089, but smaller. Ships DW 33 lbs.





Grooming Products, Pesticides & Wormers

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spray with insect growth regulator for longer, residual protection

1 qt/$22.00

Blue Ribbon Show Shampoo designed especially for show poultry. Special formula containing keratin & aloe vera cleans & restores plumage.

8 oz./ $10.00

CareFree Enzymes Poultry Shampoo is an all-natural solution to beautify your birds while protecting your flock from pesky bugs.  Directions: Place 2 ounces in 4 gallons of warm water. Submerge the bird and rub in the directions of the feathers. Use a toothbrush around shanks, feet, and under toes. For hard to clean areas put a quarter size amount of shampoo in your hands and gently rub into the feathers.

16 oz/ $11.00

Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover spray bottle  Removes manure & urine spots.  Spray  it on, massage it in, and wipe it off. Repeat if necessary. 

32 oz. / $14.00

16 oz.  / $11.00

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo  16 oz. bottle  Rosewater herbal blend helps restore moisture, add silky shine, and leaves feathers easy to manage.  


Frontline Spay Insecticide effective against mites  when misted directly on skin. Has a long residual effect. Call for 500 ml. availability. Manufactured by Merial. Both sizes are back ordered indefinitely and our supply is limited.

250 ml  / NA

 500 ml / NA

Luster’s Pink Sheen Spray 15.5 oz. spray can. Pink is a light-weight spray that contains mink oil and wheat germ oil  to help condition the feathers of show birds. 


Martin's Flea Plus IGR Trigger Spray has the active ingredient of Fipronil 0.29%, the “Same active ingredient as Frontline Spray.” The spray bottle is easy to use, ensures fast and even application and can be reapplied regularly. Do not use on poultry being raised for meat or egg production


16 ounces

Martin's Pen & Poultry The spray comes in a two-setting sprayer: stream for spraying roosts and fine mist for spraying directly on poultry. Use insecticide spray to control lice and mites on poultry and in poultry roosts and  houses.  Active ingredient is permethrin.


32 ounce spray

Permethrin 10%  Concentrate for long-lasting control of darkling beetles, poultry lice, fowl mites, fleas, & ticks. Can be used on goats, sheep, poultry, and dogs. Mix ½ oz. per gallon of water. After first usage, repeat in 10 –12 days to break the cycle.  Available after  November 3, 2022.

8 oz. / $11.00

Poultry Insecticide  Dust  2 lb duster can.  To control feather mites, use 1 lb. per 100 birds.  Do not use in laying nests.


Prohibit/Levamisol With all wormers, worm again in 10 days. Prohibit mixing instructions.               



Scalex Spray - contains natural pyrethrins to control mites and lice on birds.         

1 qt./$11.00

Wormer Ultimate  100 gram package  For the treatment of Roundworms, Hook Worm, Caecal Worm, Tapeworm, Threaded Worm, and Hair Worm.   Contains:  10% Prazi -quantel, 10% Oxfendazole, and 10% Levamisole.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 2 consecutive days, and repeat 21 days later. Make fresh solution daily.



in stock again!

If you use any kind of bulk rodent bait, please take time to read the following information.


The U.S. EPA is in the process of deciding how people will be able to access and use rodenticides. It has recently released for public comment four sweeping Proposed Interim Decisions (PID’s) that will significantly impact your access to and usage of all rodenticides regardless of active ingredient.  As you know, rodenticides are the primary, most effective tool used to provide protection to agricultural operations from the disease and destruction caused by out-of-control rodent populations.

          While there is a wide array of implications associated with EPA’s unprecedented, proposed changes, the most disturbing aspect is the RECLASSIFICATION OF ALL BULK RODENTICIDES TO RESTRICTED USE PRODUCTS (RUP).  If these measures are allowed to go into effect, the repercussions to the agricultural community’s ability to defend against rodents will be nothing short of catastrophic. There is a PDF download on the HOAGBA NEWSROOM page on the HOAGBA web site  http://hoagbagardnerauction.org/ so you can read about the ramifications of this proposal.  You can voice opposition to this proposal by going to www.protectthepublichealth.comThe comment period ends February 13, 2023.