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 Health Problems of Poultry and Game Birds

compiled by Terry Smith

Respiratory Disease




(Brooder Pneumonia)

Chronic form - Gasping, sleepiness, loss of appetite, emaciation, bluish and dark color of skin, central-nerve disorders such as twisted neck. Infected birds usually die with 2 to 4 weeks.

None. Cull infected birds. Control the spreading of the disease by adding 1/2 teaspoon copper sulfate to drinking waters (do not use metal containers) for 5 days. Oxine can also be added to the drinking water. Prevent reinfection by cleaning facilities, disinfecting with Nystartin or 1/2 teaspoon copper sulfate per gallon of water, and replacing the litter.

Chronic Respiratory Disease caused by Mycoplaspa gallisepticum

In growing and adult birds - coughing, sneezing, ratting, gurgling, swollen face, nasal discharge, ruffled feathers, frothy eyes, squeaky crow, drop in egg laying, sometimes a darkened head, loss of appetite, weight loss, yellowish droppings. Resembles other respiratory diseases, but spreads more slowly. Lasts longer in cold weather. 

Tylosin, CRD Stop, and Linco-Spect 50 will reduce the death rate, but survivors are carriers. This is a reportable disease in most states since Mycoplaspa gallisepticum is carried through hatching eggs.

Infectious Bronchitis

In all ages of birds - gasping, coughing, sneezing, rattling, wet eyes, nasal discharge. In young & growing birds - watery nasal discharge, huddling near heat. In adult birds - wattles swollen sometimes. In layers - drastic reduction in egg laying; eggs can be soft shelled, misshapen, rough or with ridge shells and watery whites. (Egg production usually resumes in 6 to 8 weeks, but the quality and quantity will be less.)  Starts suddenly, spreads through flock in 24 to 48 hours, birds recover in 2 to 3 weeks. Mortality is higher in chicks especially during cold weather.

Add electrolyes to drinking water, keep birds warm, well-fed, and dry; avoid crowding. To avoid secondary bacterial infection, add Penicillin or to the drinking water. Survivors are permanently immune, but are carriers. Chicks can be vaccinated with strains of bronchitis found in the specific area. 


Infectious Coryza







In chicks 4 weeks and older- nasal discharge, facial swelling, one or both eyes closed. In growing and adult birds - swollen face, eyes, and sinuses; watery eyes with eyelids stuck together; foul-smelling discharge from nose; drop in feed and water consumption as well as egg production; diarrhea sometimes; wheezing. Progresses through flock varies from a few days to up to 3 months. Recovered birds are carriers.

Erythromycin is the best medication. Sulfa drugs are not FDA approved for pullets over 14 weeks of age. Birds can be vaccinated with Cocyza-Vac following a multi-vaccination schedule

Infectious Laryngotracheitis

Watery, inflamed, swollen eyes, swollen sinuses & wattles, nasal discharge, drop in egg production, coughing (sometimes with a bloody mucus), breathing through mouth with neck extended during inhale and head on breast with exhale, choking, rattling, drop in egg production or soft-shelled eggs. Spreads through flock in 2 to 6 weeks. Birds die or recover within 2 weeks of becoming sick.

No effective treatment. Vaccinate to keep disease from spreading. Survivors are immune, but survivors and vaccinated birds are carriers. This is a reportable disease in most states. Once a vaccination program is started, follow-up vaccination is necessary.


Newcastle Disease (Exotic)




For information on:   Blackhead, Blue Comb, Canker, Cholora, Coccidiosis. Marek’s Disease, Capilliary Worms, Gape Worm,  Botulism, Bumblefoot, & Scaly Leg Mites go to:     Other Diseases & Problems


Sudden, high rate of death without or with symptoms:  in chicks - gasping, coughing, “chirping”; drooping wings, dragging legs, sometimes with twisted head and neck, circling, somersaulting, walking backward, paralysis. Birds may recover from respiratory symptoms but nervous disorders remain. In mature birds - listlessness, rapid or difficult breathing, egg laying totally stops within 3 days; loss of coordination, muscular tremors; sometimes, watery, greenish, blood-stained diarrhea; swollen, blackish eyes; bleeding through nose, death within 2 to 3 days of onset of disease.





No effective treatment. This is a reportable disease. Infected flocks are quarantined and destroyed so avoid contact with illegally imported birds and contact with people and birds were outbreaks of Exotic Newcastle Disease have been reported.

          Poultry & Game Bird Medications

The Veterinary Feed Directive, which was effective 1/1/17, included a ban on water soluble antibiotics which can be sold over the counter. These are the only medications not affected by the ban which can be sold without a prescription from a veterinarian.

Amprol 128 treats coccidiosis in growing chickens, turkeys, & laying hens. 10 oz. pkg. makes 128 gallons at 12% level. Directions on pkg.


BMD (Solu-Tracin) - 4.1 oz pkg. makes 50 gallons. Treats quail enteritis, mud fever & other diseases characterized by diarrhea. Contains Bacitracin/MD. For prevention: mix   tsp. to 1 gal. of water; for treatment mix ½ tsp. per gal. of water.   



Corid   (Amprolium 9.6% liquid) 1 pt. bottle. (wt. 1 lb.) To treat Coccidiosis,   mix 9. 5 cc  (¼ ounce  or ½ tablespoon) Corid to 1 gallon of water. Use as the only source of drinking water for 5 to 7 days. 


Denagard 12.5%   1 liter bottle/33.8 ounces  In chickens and turkeys, mycoplasmas can cause many disease: from respiratory problems and lameness to increased embryo mortality, infertility, and reproductive problems. Denagard has proved to provide exceptional activity against mycoplasmas and is used worldwide to help produce healthy and productive chicks and to control disease transmission. It can be used in laying birds to improve egg production. After years of use, it is still a successful therapy with little evidence of increased resistance among  poultry disease-causing organisms. Preventative usage: 8 cc/ml (1.5 teaspoons) per gallon for 3 to 5 days; bottle will make about 134 gallons of solution. Treatment: 16 cc/ml (3 teaspoons) per gallon for 3 to 5 days, bottle will make about 67 gallons of solution.



Fishbiotic-Amoxicillin   -  500 mg x 30 capsules  ½ -1 capsule for 10 days                                                                            


Fishbiotic-Penicillin  -  250 mg x 60 tablets  ½ -1 tablet for 10 days.    


Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care  3 oz. spray bottle. (Innovayicyn, Inc.) Safe for all animals including poultry. Pump sprayer for use on wounds, infections, & skin irritations.  Contains no antibiotics, is non-toxic, & has no withdrawal time.


Vet-RX 2 oz bottle Used to treat respiratory problems; conditions combs & legs of show poultry.  Use full strength o4 1 tsp. per 1/2 cup of water to treat respiratory.


Medications Labeled for Pigeons

1 Eye 1 Drop 1 Time 1 fluid oz. dropper bottle contains about 900 drops to treat one eye colds.


4 in 1 20% Powder  - 100 gr. Package  Treats Canker, E-Coli, Paratyphoid, & Coccidiosis. 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 7 days. Makes 28 to 30 gallons.


Amoxicillin Tablets 100 10 mg tablets.  Use 1 tablet for 7 days to treat respiratory  problems and Ecoli. Use 1 tablet for 21 days to treat Paratyphoid.



Amoxicillin 20% Powder 100 gr. Package Treats Canker, Paratyphoid, Salmonella, and respiratory problems. 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 3-7 consecutive days. Treat  Paratyphoid for 14 consecutive days.

$22 .00

CRD Stop Powder 100 gram pkg. Contains 45% Chlortetracycline HCL to treat CRD, E. Coli, & Psittacosis.  Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 10-14 consecutive days.


Divet Tablets 100 tablets each containing 20% Trimethroprim and 13 % Sulfaquinoxaline to treat Paratyphoid, Ecoli, and Coccidiosis. Use 1/4 to 1/2 tablet for 7 days to treat small birds.  Use 1/2 to 1 tablet for 7 days to treat large birds.



Doxycline 20% Powder  - 100 grams pkg. Treats ornithosis, paratyphoid, mycroplasmsis, chalamydia, & respiratory  in pigeons and cage birds.  Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 7 to 10 days.




Doxybird -   100 tablets.  Each tablet contains 7.5 grams Doxycline or the treatment of respiratory infections. Dosage is printed on label.


Doxy-Tyl -  100 gram pkg.  Contains 10 grams Doxycline & 40 grams Tylosin for the treatment of respiratory infections, ornithosis, & mycoplasma.  Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 5 to 7 consecutive days.


Doxy-Tyl Tablets -  100 tablets contains 20 mg Doxycline & 5 mg Tylosin for the treatment of respiratory infections.  1 tablet for 7 days



Enrofloxin 20% Powder (Baytril) 100 grams Treats bacterial infections of the respiratory system, salmonella, mycroplasmsis, & E. Coli.  1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 4 to 6 consecutive days. Change water daily.




Enrofloxin  Tablets (Baytril) 100 count 10 mg/tablet. Treats bacterial respiratory infections, salmonella, paratyphoid, mycroplasma, & E. Coli.  1 tablet per day for 3 to 7 days.


Erythromycin 10 mg. Tablets 100 count  Treats chronic respiratory disease. 1 tablet per day for 1 to 12 days.  Do not use on birds to be consumed by people.  Erythromycin is the active ingredient in Gallimycin which is now prescription only.


Florfenicol 20% Powder 100 gram package. For the prevention and treatment of chronic respiratory disease. Bronchitis, pneumonia, air sac disease, & E. Coli, serious diarrhea, yellowish-brown or loose green stools in pigeons and other birds.  Use 1 tsp. per 2 gallons water for 3-5 consecutive days.


Linco-Spect 50 Powder 100 gram package for the treatment of Air sacculitis caused by either Mycoplasma synoviae  or M. gallisepticum, CRD, and complicated CRD caused by Escherichia coli and M. gallisepticum.  Dosage: 1 teaspoon per 2.5 gallons drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days.


Metronidazole 20% Powder 250 gram package  For the treatment of avian trichomoniasis (canker) in pigeons & blackhead in other birds. Use 1 teaspoon per quart of water for 5 to 7 days.


Oxytetracycline 10% Powder 100 gram package (same active ingredient  as Terramycin Powder which is no longer manufactured.)  For control and treatment of infectious diseases caused by  E-coli, Samonella, Pasteurella & Mycroplasma in birds. 2 tsp. per gallon of water for 7 to 10 days.


Ronidazole 20% Powder - 100 gram pkg. Best product for the treatment of canker. Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for 5 days.


Trimethoprim/Sulfa  Powder  100 gram pkg.  For the treatment of Paratyphoid, E-Coli, Coccidiosis.   Use 1 tsp. per gallon of water for 5 days.



Tylosin Powder  - 100 gram pkg.          Use as an aid to prevent Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Mycroplasma gallisepticum, Mycroplasma synoviae, and Necrotic Enteritis.  Use 1 teaspoon  per gallon of drinking water for 7 consecutive days.  To insure proper mixing, add the water to the powder.  Prepare fresh Tylosin solution every 3 days.  Contains 99% Tylosin tartrate.


Vaccines and Pullorum Antigen

Vaccines and Pullorum Antigen are shipped only on Monday. Plan on being available to accept shipments when they are delivered. The price of vaccines & antigen includes ice pack/s & instructions for using. Vaccines & Antigen cannot be returned. Due to the UPS no refund policy on perishable products, we will not be responsible for any vaccine or antigen once it is shipped unless the shipment is lost and never found by UPS. UPS will not issue a refund on items that arrive “hot” so plan ahead and order when the weather is cooler or pay for 2nd day or next day shipping.  

FPVH       Biological Laboratories 1000 dose live-virus fowl pox vaccine for vaccinating chickens 8 wks. of age and older.  Comes with 2-pronged wing-web applicator.  Don’t vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter or 4 wks. prior to the start of hens’ laying.  Can’t be shipped to Minnesota. 1/5/2020 Expiration date.




 LTV    Merial Fowl Laryngotracheitis is a modified live virus strain for birds at least 5 wks. of age. Vaccinate younger birds only if necessary. Method of vaccination:  intraocular or drinking water.  5/15/2020 Expiration date.




MDV     Med-Vac CFL   (Zoetis) 1000 doses live virus vaccine for Marek’s  Disease for use  only on one-day-old chicks; administered subcutaneously in the back of the neck.  5/8/2020 expiration date.




PA  Pullorum Antigen -  6/3/19 Update: Salmonella Pullorum stained antigen will not be available until toward the end of this year and into the first part of 2020 because it will take a few months to build up an inventory to supply the entire market. Some states are waiving testing.  Call your state vet about testing requirements.



K-3010 Blood Testing Unit (pictured left) has 1” square grids etched in the opaque test plate testing unit defuse light to make a sharp differentiation between positive & negative blood samples. Lightweight unit can be washed. Comes with  combination bleeder and loop. Has a storage area for records or an extra bleeder and loop.  *Shipped directly from Kuhl Corp. 


V3012  Extra Heavy Duty Bleeder & Loop with Handle