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GQF Parts & Incubation Supplies

Item #’s followed by * are drop shipped from GQF Mfg

Refer to the parts list that came with your GQF incubator and hatcher for the replacement parts # for models  with the command center or for the current 1502 incubator.

Call us about ordering replacement parts not listed below.


Reserve water system comes with bucket, tubing, pan with float, & 2 sponges



Replacement pan for the 3030; comes with float & valve assembly, tubing, & 2 sponges for 3030



Replacement float & valve assembly only; does not come with a pan or sponges



Replacement pan & 2 sponges only; does not come with a float or tubing



2 humidity pads for 3030



10 humidity pads for 3030



GQF has discontinued the 3007 wafer as a  replacement in 3122.  Order part # 3009.



15 Amp 125-250 VAC snap switch



Adjusting Road and Wing Nut for wafers before end of 12/21



Wafer, 15 amp snap switch, & bracket with adjusting rod



225 watt heat element & porcelain insulators



Heat element without porcelain insulators



Motor & fan assembly for incubators  manufactured before 2011.



Replacement fan blade only



Omni glow red pilot light



Automatic turner can be installed on 800, 1200, 1400, and 1500 cabinet incubators without the command center.



Replacement turner motor assembly for cabinet model incubators featuring the 3258 digital command center.  110 VAC. If the incubator has a single fan and a 3258 command center, use the original galvanized brackets with the new motor.



Drive Motor for 3021 turner (needed part if Turner doesn’t work)



Timer motor for 3021 turner (needed part if the turner can be operated manually)  GQF has created a Turner Test Video which you can access at





Roller Switch (needed part if the tuner turns all the time)



Toggle Switch for exterior of incubator to turn the incubator on and off.



Upgrade a wafer thermostat or replace an old electronic thermostat with the 3255 Multi Turn thermostat. This unit offers more accurate adjustment of temperature over single turn thermostats as one complete revolution changes temperature only 1.7°F. **(Electronic Thermostats are guaranteed for use in GQF Cabinet incubators only)** 110 V. 400 W. Max This is a complete thermostat not an inside sensor for the digital command center.



2 Fan Heater Assembly for 1500 series incubators & hatchers with digital command center  (Drop-shipped from GQF)



Inside Sensor Assembly for 1500 series incubators & hatchers digital command center  units  (Drop-shipped from GQF)



Replacement for 3258 GQF Digital Command Centers. Is calibrated and comes with 3281 inside sensor. Cannot be installed in non-GQF incubators or GQF incubators without a command center.



Clear plastic door for current GQF incubators only. Door is 29 1/2” tall, Drop-shipped from GQF.



Thermometers, Hygrometers, & Candlers


GQF digital hygrometer accurately measures humidity and displays it as  percentage relative humidity. Easy-to-read LCD display. Unit displays temperature, but the accuracy of the temperature reading has not been tested. Comes with instructions and a battery.



Dial thermometer-hygrometer has a 4” stem can be inserted in a 5/32” hole to permit reading the temperature or humidity from outside the incubator.  Face is 2” in diameter with 1 degree increments from 25º F to 125º F. Cover about 1/3 of the thermometer stem with a wick and put the other end of the wick in the moisture pan to obtain a wet-bulb reading.  For an accurate reading, change the wick if it becomes dirty with mineral residue from the water.



2 wicks for 3018 thermometer



6 feet bulk wick.  Cut to whatever length is needed



Brower flat thermometer for Hova Bators & other small incubators.  Place thermometer directly on top of the eggs.  This allows the temperature to be read at egg level.  Use in Hova Bators and other small incubators as well as brooders.



12” wicking to cut to the desired length for use with 5525 Thermometer (the one with 2 thermometers with the glass tube in the middle)  Very limited stock!!



Little Giant Egg Candler is battery operated and features an energy-efficient LED bulb that runs cooler than traditional bulbs. The cord-free candling light fits into a pocket and features a wrist strap.  Uses one AAA battery which is included.



Cool-light hand held candler comes with 1 bulb; eggs do not have to be removed from setting trays to be candled



2 replacement bulbs for cool-light