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Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply

Range feeder holds 300 lbs. feed. The overall height is 43 to 45 inches depending on where the tube is set for the feed flow. The 36” diameter shield sits low over the 29 ½” in diameter  feed pan to keep feed dry. Shield is held in place with silicon sealant. The lid, with built-in locks to keep it from being blown off, is peaked to prevent birds from perching. Feeders ship at 80 lbs. & 81 lbs. DW. The following products are drop-shipped from the Kuhl Corp in New Jersey.

RF300-P    Kuhl Pheasant Poly Range Feeder


QF 300-P  Kuhl Quail Poly Range Feeder 


RF300 L-P Either feeder without shield


SHIELD    Replacement shield only


D-PAN 4 1/2” Replacement pan only


Q-PAN 3 1/2” Replacement pan for quail only


R-LID Replacement lid only


SAVER Feed saver ring for RF300-P


Brower range feeder, is 36” h. Pan is 3¾” deep & 29” in diameter. Cover has built-in hand-hold for easy removal.    8” adjustable shield keeps feed dry. Made of durable poly heavy-duty material. Holds 175 lbs. of feed. Holds 305 lbs of feed with feeder extension. Feeders are drop-shipped from Iowa. Call for shipping quote.

GBF-175*  Game Bird Feeder 2 ctns. each 86 lbs. DW


GBFQ-175*  Quail Feeder   2 ctns. each  86 lbs. DW


2 GBF-175* or 2 GBFQ-175* Feeders  2 ctns. each 86 lbs DW


6 GBF-175* or 6 GBFQ-175* Feeders  275 lbs. DW


GBF1515*   Galvanized Feeder Extension


GBF1520*   Poly Feeder Extension


JABF800 800-pound Range Feeder


The feed pan of the JABF800 has a circumference of 148 inches providing 148 linear inches of feeding space which is enough  for up to 250 pheasants. The pan has a 13 inch ( 33 cm) cone in the bottom to provide good cleanout.  The feeder is 57 to 60 inches tall depending where the legs holes are bolted. The upper body projects out over the lower body so that there is a natural taper to facilitate feed flow. There are no ledges or gaps to catch and retain stale feed. The feed level can be determined through the translucent side wall material. The rain shield is molded into the upper body assuring water tightness. No caulking is needed to prevent leaks. The rain shield extends beyond the trough 6 inches (15.2 cm). The height of the rain shield above the trough is about 11 inches (28 cm). The heavy-duty cone-shaped cover prevents roosting. Cover slides back and is retained in place with a cable design. The body attaches to the trough with 12 galvanized steel 13 gauge legs. Each leg has 10 holes with ½ inch (1.3 cm) spacing allowing an adjustable feed opening. Feeder is constructed of heavy duty polyethylene material with hindered amine light stabilizer, the most potent ultraviolet protection. The wall thickness is at least .2 inch which is up to 3 times the thickness of competing feeders in critical areas. Ships by truck.  Call for a shipping quote.  Brower issued their 2019 price list  at the end of February,  The prices listed here reflect their new prices.

Large Capacity Range and Hanging Feeders

Feeders are drop-shipped from the Kuhl Corporation

RF50 50-lb. range feeder with rain shield is 24” h. Pan is 4¾” d with a 22 ½” diameter. The RF50 has feed saver grill. 1 or 2 feeders will ship at 86 lbs. DW.  6 RF50 ship in two 86 lb. pkg.     Drop shipped from Kuhl Corp in New Jersey. Allow 10-14 days for delivery after the order is placed. Feeder prices subject to change without notice.


RF50-2   Carton of 2 50-lb. range feeders


RF50-6   Carton of 6 50-lb. range feeders


CR-50   Ctn. of 2 50-lb. Chukar range feeders with a narrow pan with a turned-in lip; does not have a feed saver grill.


QR-50   Ctn. of 2 50-lb. Quail range feeders with a narrow pan;  does  not have a feed saver grill.


HF-50G-2   Carton of 2 50-lb. feeder with lids. Feeder is app. 22” high, the pan is 4¾” deep with a 22 ½” diameter. The HF-50 has a feed saver grill & a lid. Use inside buildings or shelters when large quantities of feed are needed    Drop-shipped from mfg. Shipping: 56 lbs. DW


HF-50G-6  Carton of 6 feeders with lids.  Ships at 86 lbs. DW


BL50-G-2 Carton of 2 feeders with lids.  Is similar in appearance to the HF-50 hanging feeder, but it has a quail pan. It does not have the feed saver grill. ships at 66 lbs. DW


BL50-G-6  Carton of 6 feeders with lids.  Ships at 86 lbs. DW


Galvanized & Plastic Hanging Feeders

C6P Kuhl feed cover lid has a hole in the center for use with a feeder with a center adjustment rod such as the HF20G



HF20G Kuhl plastic hanging feeder has an inward rolled lip to save feed. The feed pan is 17¼in diam., 2¾ d, & Tube has molded grill & holds app. 25 -30 lbs. Feed lids do not come with the feeders *Feeders are drop-shipped from Kuhl Corp. in New Jersey.  DW 34 lbs. 2 feeders; DW 86 lbs. 6 feeders





GLV12H Brower galvanized feeder holds 12 lbs. feed. Is 10” h. Pan is 2 ½” d & 11½” in diameter.  Price is subject to change. Drop-shipped directly from Brower.  Call for a shipping quote.


GLV30H Brower galvanized feeder holds 30 lbs. feed. Is 15” h. Pan is 2 ½” d & 14” in diameter. Price is subject to change.  Drop-shipped directly from Houghton, Iowa.  Call for a shipping quote.


9112 Miller 12-pound galvanized feeder with 11 ¼” pan.  Feeder is 10.125” in height and 12” wide.



914043 Miller 30-pound galvanized feeder with 14” pan which is 2.25” deep. Attachment hook can be used to adjust the height of the feed tube. Feeder is 14.25” in height and 14” wide.




HF1 Plastic hanging feeder is 7½” h x 8¼” in diameter.  Holds 3½ pints of feed. Can be hung from the loop in the center rod.



HF2 Plastic feeder with cone shaped lid is 10 ½” h with a 10 ½”  diameter pan.  It holds 9 lbs. of feed. Can be hung from the loop in the center rod.



HF3 Plastic hanging feeder with cone shaped lid is 12¼” h; pan is 12” in diameter. Holds app. 12 lbs. feed. Can be hung from the loop in the center rod.