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GQF Box Brooder is now equipped with a electronic thermostat for controlling the brooder temperature which is digitally displayed. The brooder is made of plastic & aluminum. Side panels come with adjustable gates to regulate openings for chick type and age so they have access to feed & water. Purchase a chick feeder and water fount for use with quail/bantam chicks. Clear front plastic panel allows easy viewing or access to the brooder interior. ½” wire floor allows droppings to fall through to the removable drop pan. Is 38” l x 32” w x 12” h (9 ¾” interior height).  2-part lid makes brooder cleaning easy. Capacity of 0534 - app. 100 poultry chicks to 2nd. week or 100 quail or 50 chukars or pheasant chicks to 4th week. For quail  or bantam chicks, cover the wire with paper towels or a DACB sheet for the first week. Comes with 2 brooder bulbs. Brooders do not have sufficient heat to offset a cold, unheated barn.  TUV LISTED  for use in classroom and laboratory settings. *Drop-shipped from GQF.  Call for a shipping quote.


Shipping chargers for the 0534 & 0540 are shown

at the bottom of the incubator page.


Inspect your shipment within 7 days of delivery.  DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED. Contact GQF at 912-236-0651 regarding repairs or replacement.


There is a $10.00 service fee on credit card orders that are cancelled after the order has been placed with GQF Mfg.



Game Bird / Poultry Brooder comes with a thermometer & three  28 ½” troughs for feed &  water.    





Game Bird/Poultry Battery Brooder  consists of 5 #0534 brooders with a  swivel caster base and a 6-plug strip. Size:  38” w x 32” front to back x 65” high. Comes with 5 lids, 5 drop pans, outside troughs & 10 attraction bulbs.110 Volt, combined wattage 1500 Watts. 





Start & Grow with caster base has one 0534 heated brooder & two 0701 unheated grow-off pens with 0525 extenders to give 14” head room for growing birds. Comes complete with troughs, caster base, and 2 attraction bulbs. 



Grow-off Pen - same size & specifications as 0534 brooder, but there is no heat. Lids not shown in picture. 



5-Deck Battery Grow Off - consists of 5 0701 grow off units plus caster base; same size & specifications as 0540 battery, but there is no heat.




GQF Brooder Replacement Parts & Accessories


GQF’s Brooder Electronics Kit can be used to convert a 0701 grow-out unit into a brooder or to up-grade a wafer-operated brooder to an electronic brooder.  Kit consist of back panel upgrade, 2 bulbs, electronics, and heater. 



Package of 2 blue bulbs for brooders with electronics.



Package of 2 clear bulbs for brooders with electronics



GQF Brooder unit (6” w x 3” h x 12” l heats app. 36” x 30” space.  110 Volt 250 Watts wafer thermostat. For use in GQF brooders manufactured before the end of 2020 or for DYI projects.



5 7-watt brooder/attraction bulbs for use GQF brooders with the # 0537 heater unit. Specify red, blue, green, or white when ordering.



2 7-watt Red Brooder Bulbs    




20 sheets 36” x 30” DACB (Deotized Animal Cage Board)  




100 sheets 36” x 30” DACB



Flat brooder thermometer 



Catching partition may be inserted through the front or side sliding doors to herd birds to the front of back of the brooder. Screw on the bottom of the part goes through the 1/2'' mesh wire floor to hold the partition in place.



Automatic water kit for # 0540 5 deck brooder

consists of 5 float valves & tubing harness to attach to troughs (not included)



Automatic water kit for # 0703 Start & Grow is similar to 0582, but it has 3 float valves & tubing harness to attach to troughs (not included)



Ctn. of 3 28 ½” plastic troughs to use for feed or water on box brooder




Ctn. Of 3 plastic panels with adjustable gates; use to replace wire panels on older 0534 or 0528 box brooders. No image available.



Base stand with swivel casters for stack brooders and grow-off units



Expander for base stand bolts to brooder & stand to raise the brooder up 4”. No image available.



Viewable expander for brooders or grow-off pen to increase headroom to 14”



Heat element (no insulators) for brooder. No image available.



36” x 30” replacement blue wire flooring for brooders. No image available.




36” x 30” x 9/16” d replacement drop pan. No image available.


Brower Box Brooders


CQB20 galvanized brooder has these features:  ½” x ½” PVC wire mesh floor, drop pan, front & side openings covered by ½” x ½” poly mesh, outside feed trough which measures 4” x 27”, 3-liter drinker, & 2-piece removable top, thermostat control, 110 V 250 watts. Use the brooder in a room with a temperature 50° or above. Sliding door panels cover 1 side & the front to keep it warmer the first few days. Size: 27” w (33 w with feeder & drinker), 42” l x 19½” h (10” inside h).   Requires 2 BB-5 bulbs. Capacity:124 day-old chicks, 100 1 week-old, 50 4 week-old. Quail capacity:  100 to 4th week.  Up to 4 CQB20 or 4 CGO10 will stack on one QCB500 caster stand. 


Brower Chick/quail brooder.



Grow-out pen - same size & specifications as CQB20 except there is no heat. Holds 24 chickens requiring no more than 9” headroom. 



Swivel caster base/5-socket outlet




Brooder heater unit for CQB20 Needs 2 7 watt attractions lights. Size: 34.5” X 7” X 4.5”


CQB20, CQB20S4, CB010, CQB600, & BRHTR120 are drop-shipped from Brower in Iowa.


Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Prices are subject to change when Brower issues their 2023 price sheet.

Kuhl Hanging Electric and Gas Brooders

These brooders are drop-shipped. Call for a shipping quote.  Allow 10-14 days for delivery.



Kuhl 34-inch canopy LP or natural gas brooder has a wafer-thermostat control & has continuous temperature sensing modulation S.I.T which modulates from 17,000 - 30,000 BTUH to warm an area for brooding up to 1,500 chicks.  Specify LP or natural gas when ordering.




4 Light Canopy Electric Brooder has a wafer thermostat. This thermostat can be adjusted to automatically turn of two of the four lamps after the brooder house has reached a desire temperature.  The lamps are activated when the temperature drops below the desired setting. Maximum utilization is accomplished in a moderately priced unit.  Price includes a six-foot suspension chain. Price does not include bulbs.




Kuhl Infra-red Brooder uses 4 bulbs; has a thermostat which can be adjusted to turn off 2 bulbs when the room temperature is hot enough that 4 bulbs aren’t needed. It turns the bulbs back on when the room temperature drops. Brooder doesn’t come with infra-red bulbs


Hanging Infra-Red Brooders


Infra-red Brooder Heater


GQF 0470 heater comes with a wafer thermostat for more accurate temperature control.   There are two chains with “S” hooks to adjust the height of heater above birds. Use to floor-brood ratites, game birds, or poultry chicks.   With a room temperature of 65° this 600 watt heater maintains a 95° temp. for brooding app. 250 quail chicks. Size:  26” x 6” x 6”.  Drop-shipped item.