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Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply






Ideal Spec Pheasant Blinders/pins




Extra pins for Ideal Spec




Perfect Peeper/HD pins for birds over 6 wks. old  




Perfect Peepers/C-clips 




Extra heavy duty nylon pins




Extra C-clips




Plastic bits for quail, chukars, & 3 to 6 wk–old  pheasants 




Plastic bits for pheasants 6 wks.




Standard Economy Pliers

The nose of the pliers is curved in the proper position to secure the c-clip with the attached peeper through the bird’s nostrils.  


Horizon Shipping Boxes


These boxes are approved by the post office for shipping live adult birds by express mail.

HSB1 Single Horizon N.E.S.T.     



Single N.E.S.T. (pictured left) Horizon Lite Single Box is 20 l x 16 h x 8w for adult poultry, pheasants, ducks, or pigeons.  Box has a stronger bottom design & additional ventilation holes. Weight of box with birds cant exceed 10 lbs.  **Up to 3 boxes can be shipped at the UPS 16 pound DW rate to 1 address. 


HSB2N Economy Horizon N.E.S.T.


Box only  - $18.50


HSB2D Economy Horizon N.E.S.T.

Box & dividers  -  $20.00


Economy N.E.S.T. is 16” x 16” x 16”. It has one compartment, or it can be divided into 2 or 4 compartments using the dividers which may be purchased separately. The total weight of the box with the birds cannot exceed 10 lbs. **Up to 3 economy  N.E.S.T.’s can be shipped at the UPS 22 pound DW rate to one address.




Shipping Do’s and Don’ts

 From Horizon Micro-Environments




· Feed and water birds prior to shipment.

· Include a source of moisture such as a piece of apple in the box to prevent dehydration.

· Place litter or bedding in the bottom of the box to collect moisture, reduce odors, and provide footing for the birds.

· To prevent stress, acquaint the birds with the shipping container by placing them in the container a few times before shipping.

· Inform the recipient of the expected delivery time and give them the shipping tracking number.

· Check the weather conditions in your area and the destination area to insure that they will not pose a threat or cause a shipping delay.

· Consult experienced shippers if you have any questions.

· Write the shipping address and telephone number on the box in case the label comes off.




· Ship birds that are injured, sick, or under unusual stree, such as molting.

· Remove nor puncture the white breathable membrane filter covering the ventilation holes.  The filter protects the birds from airborne diseases, reduces excitability, and stress.  It is required by USPS postal regulations, the USPS Labor Union and FedEx.

· Ship birds in very hot or very cold conditions.  The temperature inside a closed box will ALWAYS be higher than the temperature outside the box.  This excess heat can be injurious or fatal to birds.  Tolerance of heat and cold weather varies with species, age, and time of year.  If in doubt - DON’T SHIP.  We recommend that you do not ship any birds if the temperature anywhere on the route is above 85º F or below 40º F.

· Over pack the box.  Placing more birds than recommended into a box can cause over heating and additional stress, which can be harmful or fatal.  Stuffing a box full of birds to save a few bucks on shipping is foolish and inhumane.  The combination of high heat and humidity kills birds.

· Ship birds on Thursdays, Fridays, over a weekend, or a holiday.  They may be stranded in route and die.  It is always best to ship on Monday or Tuesday.



Shipping Birds Express Mail


These are the steps to follow for shipping birds Express Mail :


· Go to USPS - Postal Explorer.

· Highlight the option Calculator/Tools.

· Then highlight Postage Prices - Under the heading Domestic highlight Retail.

· Type in the ship from zip code & the ship to zip code.

· Enter the mailing date.

· Select the package size (shipping boxes are large packages) Check the box indicating Live Birds are being shipped.

· Type in the dimensions of the shipping box & the estimated weight of the birds.

· The  Postage Price Calculator Page will show some shipping options.   

· Choose Express Mail. This page will display the expected date of arrival.

· Then hit the print label and follow the instructions.

· Print the label on plain paper, tape it to the shipping box.

· Take the birds to the post office.