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Vaccines and Pullorum Antigen

Vaccines and Pullorum Antigen are shipped only on Monday. Plan on being available to accept shipments when they are delivered. The price of vaccines & antigen includes ice pack/s & instructions for using. Vaccines & Antigen cannot be returned. Due to the UPS no refund policy on perishable products, we will not be responsible for any vaccine or antigen once it is shipped unless the shipment is lost and never found by UPS. UPS will not issue a refund on items that arrive “hot” so plan ahead and order when the weather is cooler or pay for 2nd day or next day shipping.  

PA  Pullorum Antigen -  2/05/2020 Update: Salmonella Pullorum stained antigen may be available in limited quantities for shipping in late June tto distributors. The 40 ml bottle of antigen will do 1000 tests. It comes with instructions and a simple tool with a prick on the opposite end of the loop. To reduce leakage, the dropper tip is separate, not screwed onto the bottle.


I received this notice on 12/8/19 from Douglas Warner at CRL  “According to the USDA-approved product insert, only to be used for chickens.  We made this change from the previous antigen trying to align with our testing but have since realized that the old LAH antigen was listed for use with all fowl species.  We have spoken to the USDA and there appears to be no issue to change our insert back to all fowl species but it will take many months before the new insert is approved and available to ship with new batches.”


K-3010 Blood Testing Unit has 1” square grids etched in the opaque test plate testing unit defuse light to make a sharp differentiation between positive & negative blood samples. Lightweight unit can be washed. Comes with  combination bleeder and loop. Has a storage area for records or an extra bleeder and loop.  *Shipped directly from Kuhl Corp. 


BLH Extra Heavy Duty Bleeder/Prick & Loop with Handle


RBL Replacement Bleeder/Prick and Loop (does not come with the heavy duty handle)


FPVH       Hygieria Biological Laboratories 1000 dose live-virus fowl pox vaccine for vaccinating chickens 8 wks. of age and older.  Comes with 2-pronged wing-web applicator.  Don’t vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter or 4 wks. prior to the start of hens’ laying.  Can’t be shipped to Minnesota.




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 LTV    Merial Fowl Laryngotracheitis is a modified live virus strain for birds at least 5 wks. of age. Vaccinate younger birds only if necessary. Method of vaccination:  intraocular or drinking water. 




MDV     Med-Vac CFL  (Zoetis) 1000 doses live virus vaccine for Marek’s  Disease for use  only on one-day-old chicks; administered subcutaneously in the back of the neck. Price includes the 200 ml diluent. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.




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