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For hatchlings to start off well, they need prompt access to water and feed. The earlier access promotes more rapid development of the digestive tract and the immune system. In turn this results in improved livability and as much as 5% to 7% heavier body weights.


GroGel Plus B provides an easy means by which just-hatched chicks and poults can receive immediate nutrition and hydration. A unique formulation, GroGel Plus, manufactured by Dawe’s Laboratories, is tailored specifically for the limited amount a hatchling can eat, and for immature nature of its digestive tract. In a soft palatable gel, GroGel Plus B supplies crucial nutrients in the most concentrated, digestible forms.


Water: Dehydration can lead to increased mortality, loss of bodyweight, slower rates of gain and depressed immune response. GroGel Plus supplies a substantial amount of water, giving birds a better chance to thrive.


Proteins, Peptides, and Amino Acids:  The “building blocks of most body tissues. GroGel Plus contains processed, complete proteins purified from several sources to supply a complete balance of peptides and amino acids.


Carbohydrates:  The grains selected for GroGel Plus B are processed to remove unnecessary fiber  and to improve digestibility and concentration of the carbohydrates, the primary source of energy.


Fats supply energy and become parts of membrane and nerve tissues. The fats in GroGel Plus B provide high levels of essential fatty acids in a highly digestible form.


Vitamins:  1 dose of GroGel Plus B exceeds all the necessary vitamin requirements for day-old hatchlings.


Probiotic Bacteria helps establish normal gut bacterial populations which help exclude many disease causing bacteria by competing for attachment sites and nutrients, producing anti-microbial substances, and stimulating the immune system.


After mixing, scoop GroGel Plus B onto a paper feed tray with some feed. The instructions on the packages are correct for chickens, turkeys, and domestic ducks. Because pheasants, quail, chukar, and wild type mallards are smaller, less GroGel Plus B should be used.



For pheasants, chukars, or mallard ducklings:  Use 1/2 as much as the package suggests. (1 pkg. is enough for 100 chicks or poults or 200 pheasants or 400 quail)



For quail:  Use 1/4 as much as the package suggests.

New Product


 STRESEEZ PLUS packet - $3.25  or 3 packages / $9.00

STRESEEZ PLUS manufactured by Dawe’s Laboratories is a natural companion for GroGel Plus B.  On the first day, use GroGel Plus B to get chicks off to a good start. Then use STRESEEZ PLUS as per directions on packet.  STRESEEZ PLUS is a nutritionally balanced range of essential vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes for animal drinking water.  For years, the product has led the market among very large poultry producers.  Now is also available to smaller-scale producers in a convenient 10-gram packet.  It dissolves readily in drinking water for quick absorption to aid newly born animals or hatchlings right after placement; as a “nutritional booster” each month; during times of stress or whenever feed consumption is reduced.



VITAMINS:  Includes a complete array of vitamins in sufficient amounts to provide a significant boost.  Vitamins A, D, E to help resist diseases, improve reproductive performance, and strengthen bones and eggshells.  Plus, all B vitamins necessary for growth, reproduction and fighting stress.

ELECTROLYTES: The correct balance of sodium and potassium for nutritional needs, and to help fight heat stress or scours.

TRACE MINERALS: Zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, iodine and cobalt to provide nutritional support for growth and tissue repair.

USE: Add ¼ teaspoon to one gallon of water. The 10-gm packet treats up to 7 gallons. One 10-gm packet is enough for up to 50 chicks for days 0-4 and days 9-12. Then two 10-gm packets would be required for each 50 chicks for 4 days during week 4 (days 29-32). Use it as a nutritional booster for a few days each month and during any period of stress.


Watch chicks eat! In 30 minutes, it’s gone. 


1 GroGel Plus B packet - $3.25  3 packages / $9.00

  Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

AgriLabs Vitamin & Electrolyes “Plus” 4 oz. pkg. contains 2,500 IU Vitamin A, 1,000 IU D3, 2,000 Vitamin E, and a complex of B vitamins, Vitamin K, and electrolytes. “Plus” beneficial probiotics  Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus facium. One pkg. to 128 gallons of water or 500 pounds of feed. See label for dosage instructions.



Cod Liver Oil in Soybean Oil. Improves appetite, helps condition birds for breeding & showing. 

1 qt./$9.00

Copper Sulfate - 1 pound helps prevent canker & blackhead.


Durvet Durastat with Oregano - Use 1 scoop per gallon of water as a source of energy & essential oils to stimulate water consumption & appetite during disease conditions, shipping, weather change, or stress. Enhances immunity. Cannot ship to New Mexico.

100 gr. jar/$   8.00

Durvet Layer Boost - 1scoop per 1 gallon water provides a blend of vitamins, electrolytes, Omega 3 & marigold to improve the quality and quantity of eggs. Also contains a source of live direct fed microorganisms.

100 gr. jar/$10.00

Durvet Probiotics Daily - 1 scoop per gallon of water provides avian specific probiotics to supports avian digestive health and nutrient absorption. Also contains vitamins and electrolytes.

100 gr. jar/$10.00

Durvet Vitamins & Electrolytes -1 scoop per gallon of water provides essential vitamins and electrolytes formulated by Durvet to be a nutrient supplement for all classes of poultry.  Aids hydration and a nutrient for giving a  fast start to newly hatched chicks well as older birds.

100 gr. jar/$6.50

Durvet Single Pack Vitamins & Electrolytes makes 1 gallon of drinking water.  Refresh daily


3 pkg. / $3.00

DurVite A soybean meal based nutritional supplement to enhance the overall condition & appearance of poultry, dogs, cats, livestock, & horses.  Compare ingredients to those found in Clovite & Vionate!!

5 lbs. / $20.00

GQF Vitamins Plus - Contains vitamins & minerals, organic acidifiers & a source of live natural-occuring micro-organisms to supplement gut acid product-ion often low in chicks.  Gets chicks off to a good start. Use when birds are stressed or after using wormers & antibiotics with adult birds to restore “good-gut bacteria”.

1 / $5.00

4pkg. / $19.00

Gro-Gel Plus B provides immediate nutrition for just hatch chicks & poults. For more info. about using it, read about the product at the end of this page. (We have a $10.00 minimum order.)



Iodine Solution 1 fl. oz. for preventing iodine deficiency in aviary birds


Liquid B-12 plus Vitamin K (Rooster Booster) Super concentrated 10,000 per ounce of pure Vitamin B-12 aids stimulation of appetite for proper growth & increased alertness.  Dosage is printed on the bottle.

1 pint / $18.00

Mealworms (Happy Hen Mealworm Frenzy) 100% dried mealworms are a great source of protein & a high energy snack & are perfect for training or taming chickens 2 weeks & older.

10 oz /  $8.00

Natural Pickstone All natural pickstone contains clay, seaweed, magnesium, grit, red stone, oyster shell, charcoal, etc.


Red Cell liquid vitamin-iron mineral supplement to mix with feed or water to promote good feathering and to get poultry in top condition for breeding and showing. 

1 qt. / $9.25

1 gal./$23.00

SAV-A-CHICK Electrolyte & vitamin supplement for all domestic poultry & waterfowl.  Each 1/4 ounce package mixes with 1 gallon of water.  Helps prevent dehydration. Promotes proper blood ph, nerve & muscle function.  Comes in a strip of 3 packages. 9 packages would be 3 strips of 3 packages.

3 pkgs./$3.00

SAV-A-CHICK Probiotic  Pre-measured poultry probiotic. One  .17 ounce package is mixed with one gallon water.   Promotes digestive health for birds newly hatched or received.  May also be used during any kind of stress and after using antibiotics to aid in the development of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Comes in a strip of 3 packages.

3 pkgs./$3.00


Vionate  Powdered feed additive contains 21 essential vitamins & minerals needed for maintaining healthy breeders and for improving the livability and growth of chicks. Is effective against preventing stress, leg problems, and crooked toes. 

8 oz/$6.00

2 lbs./$17.00

  10 lbs./$60.00


Wheat Germ Oil Blend  A source  of Omega 3 & Omega 6 with vitamins A, D3, & E added. Helps condition birds for breeding & showing. 


1 qt./$9.00